It’s the first time I’ve ever had a real Christmas tree and I love it! I like how imperfect it is and the fun of going to pick it. I took the trip to ‘Abbotswood Christmas Trees’ in Brockworth, Gloucester to get mine and it’s well worth the visit.

Things I’ve learnt about decorating the tree is – LESS IS MORE when it comes to lights and decorations! I usually put so much more on our fake tree which is the same size, but I held off this year and the result is stunning.

Like many others my biggest fear about choosing a real tree is the needles falling off. I’ve done my research though, and these 5 tips should help maintain the tree until the end of December…or January 6th!

  1. Choose a healthy tree from a local farm. They’ll have a range of trees to choose from. Typically a Nordmann Fir is known to help retain their needles much better than a Norway Spruce.
  2. Make sure the trunk has a fresh cut. If it’s being chopped down for you then you know it’s fresh but if it’s already been cut down, ask them to trim it again. This will help when it comes to allowing maximum water absorption.
  3. Put your tree in a sturdy stand that allows you to fill the base with water.
  4. Make sure the tree is kept away from direct heat. So away from radiators and underfloor heating to help preventing it from drying out.
  5. Make sure you top of the water regularly.

Apart from this, sit back, relax and enjoy the festive period. I hope this helps, I’m definitely going to be following this advice that’s been passed on to me.